When is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner? - An Expert's Guide

You may think that winter is the ideal time to purchase an air conditioner, but this isn't necessarily the case. The best time to buy an air conditioner is actually in the fall or spring. During the summer and winter months, HVAC contractors in your area will be busy due to extreme outdoor temperatures. To start, keep the blinds and curtains closed on sunny days during the warm months to prevent additional heat from entering your home.

Additionally, when not in use, turn off the fans in the bathroom and kitchen areas. This will help keep the cold air inside your house. Buying a new air conditioning system is a major decision and often comes with a hefty price tag, which most homeowners would like to avoid. Most HVAC systems are designed to last 15 to 20 years, so if you plan on staying in your home for that long, you'll eventually need to replace the HVAC system. If you're installing a new HVAC system, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy one? Is it cheaper at certain times of the year? What factors should you consider when replacing your HVAC unit? Here are some tips to help you buy a new HVAC system at the best possible time and at the best price. Don't wait for your air conditioning system to shut down before replacing it if you don't want to run out of fresh air during the hot Las Vegas summer or without heat during the cold winter days.

Air conditioning systems usually give warning signs when they are nearing the end of their useful life. If your system is more than 15 years old, doesn't heat or cool like it used to despite regular maintenance, and isn't as energy efficient as it used to be, it might be time to replace it. Contact your HVAC professional for an inspection. They will be able to advise you if you simply need a tune-up, more extensive repairs or if it needs to be replaced. It may be that it is only necessary to replace the air conditioner or furnace instead of the entire HVAC unit, which will help you save money.

If you find yourself calling your HVAC technician regularly because your system is always malfunctioning, it's time to stop spending money on endless repairs and replacing the system. Just as it's not worth spending money on constant repairs of an old car, it's also not worth continuously repairing an old faulty air conditioning system. By adding up what you've spent over time, you might find that you've spent more money on repairs than you would on buying a new system. Save yourself the frustration, hassle, and expense and replace the unit. A well-functioning air conditioning system is more energy efficient, will lower your electricity bill, and make life for the whole family more comfortable.

If you're tackling a home renovation project, it's the perfect time to consider replacing your HVAC system. Home renovations usually mean you'll face weeks, if not months, of interruptions. It makes sense to kill two birds with one stone and install a new air conditioning system at the same time, instead of experiencing more interruptions at an installation later on. This is also an ideal opportunity to investigate more energy efficient options such as a system with a higher SEER rating. It's also a good time to switch to a zoned system or a programmable thermostat.

Improvements like these will help you operate a more energy efficient system since you can choose to heat or cool only the rooms that are in use and not those that are unoccupied. It also means that family members can set their preferred temperature in their own room, ending family disputes over what temperature should be set and keeping everyone happy. When buying a newly built home, you can choose everything from scratch including a new climate system that fits your home's needs. If you're buying a home from your previous property, you'll probably consider many factors such as structural problems, plumbing, electrical wiring, house size, design and features. The air conditioning system is probably not at the top of your list; however it is recommended to inspect the air conditioning unit when buying a house especially if it is an old house. Older HVAC systems may have rust, mold damaged ducts or worn parts.

An HVAC contractor will also look at other aspects of the home that may affect the performance of the HVAC system such as insulation and air leaks. In addition asking an HVAC contractor to evaluate the system may reveal that the HVAC unit is incorrectly sized; this is an issue that should be corrected as soon as possible. An incorrectly sized unit is less efficient and will wear out sooner according to Energy Star an incorrectly sized HVAC unit can reduce performance by up to 30%. An oversized HVAC system produces what are called short cycles. Air conditioners turn on and off as needed to keep your home at the temperature set on thermostat; an oversized unit will reach temperature faster but will cause unit to turn on and off more frequently this frequent cycle causes unit to work harder increases wear and reduces life of unit. An undersized air conditioning system on other hand does not have enough capacity cool house properly this means that it will continue work for longer in attempt reach desired temperature an air conditioning system that works almost 24 hours day will dramatically increase energy bill and will also shorten life of unit. Most people have been led believe that best time buy air conditioner is during winter and best time buy heating system is during summer reason is that retailers offer discounts during these times but this isn't necessarily true. The truth is that retailers offer discounts throughout year so there isn't one specific time when prices are lowest however there are certain times when buying an air conditioner makes more sense than others. For example if you're tackling a home renovation project then it makes sense install new air conditioning system same time instead experiencing more interruptions later on. This also ideal opportunity investigate more energy efficient options such as higher SEER rating switch zoned system programmable thermostat improvements like these help operate more energy efficient system since can choose heat cool only rooms use not unoccupied ones. It also means family members can set preferred temperature room they're in ending family disputes over ideal temperature keeping everyone happy. When buying newly built home can choose everything scratch including climate system fits home's needs if buying from previous property then consider many factors such structural problems plumbing electrical wiring house size design features. In conclusion best time buy air conditioner depends individual situation however there certain times when makes more sense than others such tackling home renovation project switching higher SEER rating zoned programmable thermostat etc.