What Type of Warranty Comes with an HVAC Installation Service?

When you get an HVAC installation service, you can expect to receive both an equipment warranty from the manufacturer and a labor warranty from the contractor. The equipment warranty covers any malfunctions or faults related to a defective part, and is usually provided by the brand of the HVAC system. The labor warranty, on the other hand, covers service charges, labor costs, and associated fees for installing that part. In other words, the manufacturer's warranty covers only parts while the labor warranty covers any gaps.

Generally, HVAC parts are guaranteed for several years by the manufacturer that manufactured them, and labor warranties are offered by HVAC service companies or third-party insurers associated with them. These policies can cover air conditioning service, but they can be quite complex to use. In addition to providing you with the manufacturer's warranty, the contractor also offers protection in case an HVAC unit is accidentally damaged during installation or if problems arise later due to an installation-related issue. According to current rules of the code, installers of air conditioning systems must have a labor warranty of at least one year if they have obtained a permit. It's important to remember that HVAC warranties cover the cost of replacing equipment, not the labor cost you would pay to an HVAC company.

In addition to a manufacturer supporting their products, an HVAC contractor must support the services they offer. When contractors install a new HVAC system, it usually comes with a 10-year parts warranty from the manufacturer that covers the replacement of parts if they fail within that time frame. Unless you purchase a separate extended warranty through your HVAC installation company, you should be prepared to pay for associated labor costs. If you've just spent a lot of money on a new air conditioning system, you don't want to spend more money on repairs during the first year after installation. To ensure that your warranty is valid, make sure to save all documentation after performing any service, adjustment, or installation on your air conditioning system.